This tutorial covers how to make it so that your AI guards can see the player if they pass in front of them. There are multiple other ways to do this like using a raycast. For this tutorial you will use a cube in front of the guard as a…

This tutorial will cover the basics of using the Unity animation system. The first step is set your player back to it’s default settings and turn off the mesh render so the capsule will not be displayed.

Next, add your prefab character as a child of your Player. …

This tutorial will cover how to use camera triggers to adjust your camera angles in Unity. Do to this you should already have your camera triggers and your camera angles set up. Create a script called CameraTrigger. Assign it to all of your camera triggers. Also make sure all of…

This tutorial covers working with the Audio and Animation that you have added to your Timeline to create your cutscenes. With your audio now in the Timeline it is just a matter of fine tuning your camera cuts and transitions. AS you listen to your audio while watching your cuts you will notice when those cuts should be happening. Adjust your cuts to match your audio as needed.

This tutorial will cover how to add audio to your timeline in Unity. First create an empty GameObject to hold your audio. Then create two more empty GameObjects, one for your voice over and another for the music. Then give these two new GameObjects each an Audio Source.

Christian Carter

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