I Finished My First Game

I finally finished my first game! You can even go play it if you want here. I have implemented new enemy movement, a wave system, and a Boss. This is the end of this project for now but I will soon be starting a new project that I will share more about soon.

I have continued to create tutorials for myself and others as I worked on this project. Here are a couple of the highlights of what I have been adding to the game.

Creating a Thruster Cool Down System: covered limiting how long the player could use the thruster. Also implemented a UI element to show how much thruster power was left that updated in real time.

Adding a Camera Shake: covered how to get the camera to shake when the player takes damage.

Enemy Destroying Powerups: covered having the enemy check in front of themselves to see if there is a powerup there and if so firing at it and destroying the powerup.

Boss Attacks: was part of a series to implement the boss. This one focused on giving the boss a couple of different attacks. One that fired a spread of lasers. The other fired a series of shots at the player.

Hopefully these can be both an inspiration and help to others on this journey.




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