This tutorial adds to the basics of using Timeline in Unity and covers using an Animator to be able to pan the camera around during the cutscene. The first step is to add a new Animation Track to your Timeline. Then drag the camera that you want to pan into the slot for the Animator. Click Create Animator for your camera and it will add an Animator component to your camera.

Next you are going to record the pan. Don’t worry you are not recording you moving the camera around. You are just setting the different positions you want the camera at different times and Unity will do all of the panning for you. Click the record button next to the Animator. Then select your camera. Re-enter one of your starting position and rotation elements. This will record your starting position and rotation.

Next slide the white slider to the time where you want to set your next position. Then adjust your camera position and rotation as desired.

After you have recorded your positions you may want to change what you did. You can’t just go in and change your recording. In order to be able to change it you need to double click it which will bring up the dopesheet in the Animation window.

You may need to scroll out to get your time frame to fit in the window. If you select the diamond at the time you want to redo you can delete it. You can the record again with a new position.

You can now continue to fine tune your panning to look exactly how you want.